Finding a Minute to Breath…


A new year a new start, I can’t believe it is February already! School has only been in for 1 month and has my arms and legs tied up already! This semester I am taking 16 credits, I am involved with I~Comm Student Agency again and I am a volunteer board member for Center Stage.

I love being in I~Comm and Center Stage, without them I wouldn’t enjoy school nearly as much as I do now. This semester in I~Comm my position is a public relations specialist, it is super fun because we get to plan all the events that the companies want. We are working with the police department again, the school news paper, The Scroll, and this week Smith Group in Idaho Falls has been talking with us to see what we can do. Everyone in the Agency has been working like crazy for Smith Group because they are South Eastern Idaho’s second largest car dealership and they want our plan book by Tuesday! Some of the events that my group came up with include: A classic car show and a truck pull! If they actually went through they would be super fun…we will see.

Center Stage is the campus organization that plans all of the performances that come to campus. It’s been a really neat experience and lucky for Clayton and I because we get free tickets to all of the events!  I am hoping to work for them again next semester as a board member and then maybe by then I’ll be experienced enough to be a director! They get paid, but I’m hoping I can use that for my internship.

Speaking of internships…I have been super stressed about when I am going to do mine! The only possible times I can are either during school or the 7 week break! A lot of people are telling me to do it after I graduate but I don’t want to have to worry about that I’d rather go straight into job hunting since Clayton and I aren’t graduating at the same time any more…He will graduate 1 semester before me also since he will be attending grad school the following fall! I know everything will work out I just hate not having it set in stone yet. I’m kind of an organized freak…I like to know at least 1 year in advanced where I’ll be and what not.

Also this semester in my intro to public relations class we were told to find a campus organization that needs help with their PR. My group and I have been working with the veteran association and it has been a great experience so far! I am really enjoying it and this Sunday they are having their first meeting/activity of the semester a super bowl potluck! How fun! Other activities we are planning on having are a pool party, a care package drive for those over seas and a Military Ball! I am super excited! The best part about this organization is that even though their name is the veterans association (I am trying to convince them to change that…) it is for anyone! If your enlisted, if you’re in ROTC, if you have family in the military or if you just want to support them you can come! It is amazing…I love being part of this because I get to help those who fight for our freedoms.

Spring Semester 2012: I am hoping to get a higher position in I~Comm such as an account executive(paid position) if not then I really want to try to TA for one of my professors…I really just want to be making some sort of pay check next semester. I love volunteering and being a part of all of these great organizations but its hard to put so much time and effort without being paid.

7 week break: Clayton and I are really hoping that we can just take this time as a break from school and go visit both of our families for a couple of weeks…We will see.

Fall 2012: I hope to be a Center Stage director and be doing my internship also PRSSA nation conference will be in October and it is in San Francisco this year! I really hope to be able to attend. Clayton and my older brother Garrett Graduate!

Winter 2012: Paid position with I~Comm for sure by this semester. Also I graduate, yay!


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