“Kindness Is The Language Which The Deaf Can Hear and The Blind Can See” -Mark Twain


In countries across the world how one introduces their self is dependent upon the culture they grew up in. One thing that is the same everywhere are surnames, better known in America as last names. The last name may come from the father’s side of the family, mother’s or it may contain both. It may come before the first name and represent the family that person comes from, while many other people are falling into the new trend of creating their own new family name. One thing is for sure is the importance of a last name, whether it be traditional or a new way to identify ones’ (new) family that comes with marriage.

If you like it or not when you first meet a person, more than likely you’re going to learn not just their first name but also their last. After you hear their name you almost instantly forget it, I personally feel that wanting to remember and know a person’s name shows you genuinely care. I know it is difficult, many people struggle with remembering names but that doesn’t over rule the fact that it is important.

How will you remember their name? Learn something about that person. If you want to take it up a notch from just knowing a fact, try to find something you have in common with them.  This will make the person seem more real. The next time you see them you can relate to them better because your relationship is based off of more than just sitting in a class or meeting together.

All in all, today’s generation in fast paced and self-centered, but networking is the newest and most efficient way to land jobs and other favorable benefits. They’re complete opposites, which will you let take over your body? Don’t let opportunities pass you by, instead look for them. Just take the chance to get to know someone new; what do you have to lose?

With that being said, let me introduce myself. My name is Kaiti Ann Moss; my maiden name is Hickman, both of which reign from England (although my husband insists we are German). I’m just another girl in the world with big dreams.

Stay tuned to learn more about me and what makes me tick.



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