“…My Lonely Days are Over…{because} You Smile…”


I have noticed a lot lately that people in general are only focused on their lives and the people who are prominent in them. I find this to lead to a very sad and lonely life because I have many acquaintances but very few people I can share my deepest thoughts or opinions with.
This semester I decided that rather than just focusing on the people in my life I tried my very best to do so with anyone I came in contact with. Friends. Family. Acquaintances. Even strangers. I know that I still need to practice with this, and haven’t perfected the concept yet but I will continue to grow with it in my life. I know that this trait will not only benefit myself but others around me too.
I love it when a person says hello sincerely or asks if you need help, ect. So why can’t I be that person? I lived in southern Virginia this summer and like they say, you just can’t replace southern hospitality. It is wonderful! Everywhere you go, people are smiling and asking, “how are you?” and the best part is…they actually mean it!
It just makes a person’s day to feel safe, loved and welcomed.
So I want to challenge YOU to give this a try, start out small and work your way up.
Good luck!

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