Why I am Running For PRSSA (BYU-I Chapter) Presidency

I have been a member of PRSSA for one school year, I have seen the presidency start from very little and excel. I love to be involved in PRSSA and I have participated through supporting the presidency by being a member and attending all the meetings. I know that continuous participation from the members encourages the presidency to give their all. I have done that for a year and now I  want to be able to contribute more than being a supportive member.

If I became an officer in PRSSA it would become a part of my number one priorities within my school responsibilities. I am very organized and enjoy being a leader and the responsibilities that come with it. Through team work I know that our presidency will be able to brainstorm new ideas and make a stronger chapter.

Vice President of Communications has responsibilities that obviously include communicating, whether it be between the Presidency and the members through emails, phone calls and other social media aspects or to be able to take over for the president if ever necessary. The VP of Communications is also accountable for note taking in board meetings. These are crucial necessities for PRSSA to operate properly.

If I became VP of Communications I would meet these demands and more. The PRSSA presidency is a team and I will be a team player. As a team I believe that we should all work together to find solutions for various problems whether or not if it is our technical responsibility.

I know that many of our members are going to be off-track or doing internships throughout the next year, and won’t be able to attend the meetings, but as VP of Communications I would be sure to keep in touch with these members. Informing them on what they have missed and any other future opportunities that they will be able to participate in.

Public Relations is my passion in life and I hope to be able to share this with the members of the BYU-I PRSSA Chapter. Together we will learn and grow to be able to accomplish our goals. I want to be able to accomplish one of my goals before it is too late. My goal is to help spread the passion of PR in our PRSSA group and to encourage everyone to go after their goals.

Originally I wasn’t planning on running for VP, I thought I would have too much on my plate next semester and figured I would run in the fall, until I realized this is it, it’s now or never. President and VP of Communications are a year round position, and I graduate 1 year from now. I have specifically changed my schedule so I can give my 100% to our chapter.

Our PRSSA chapter has come a long way from last fall, but we shouldn’t stop while we’re ahead. We need to set goals and create strategies and tactics to accomplish them. As PR practitioners in the making this should be an enjoyable and educational experience, not only for the presidency but for all members!



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