Be not Ashamed

I’m sorry that these last couple of posts have focused on my religious beliefs. I know that there are many different beliefs in the world and I don’t want to offend any of my followers. The thing I LOVE about all the religions throughout the world is that the underline meaning to them all is to, be a good person. I think that even if you don’t “believe” in another religion because you may not agree with some teachings, you can always find something good from it.

I don’t really like to share what religion I am because I know it causes controversy. I do however enjoy sharing scriptures or quotes on my twitter about my faith in God and the Savior, Jesus Christ. If any of you have questions for me feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

As I was doing my religion homework here are some more thoughts that went through my head. The overall theme: Be not Ashamed. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I may not know everything about my religion, I am still learning. What I do know is that the teachings are good, respectable ways to live ones life.

We each need to remember the basics; study the scriptures, ponder and pray. Through these actions our faith will become stronger and we will learn to lean on the Lord as trials come and go. There is so much sin in the world today; some may seem more serious than others but either way they are equally challenging. In reference to Matthew 13:22, if we “choke the word” we are ignoring the guidance from Heavenly Father. To learn and understand the teachings of the Lord we must be willing, in Matthew 13:9 it says, “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.” In Matthew 13:13-15 Christ teaches that we cannot just hear or see the teachings but that we must feel them in our hearts to fully understand.

In Nephi 8:21-33 we learn of 4 types of people: Those who held tight to the word of God, those who let go of the word of God and were lost, those who accepted the word of God but were ashamed and those who followed the temptations of Satan. As we go through life fighting off temptations we may slip every once in a while, but we are so blessed to know that every time we fall Heavenly Father and Christ will be stand right beside us, arms stretched out just waiting to help us get back up again. Those 4 types of people all seem very different, when in reality, 1 person during their life time could go through phases of all 4 of those types of people.

The beautiful part about that is Heavenly Father will always forgive us.


2 thoughts on “Be not Ashamed

  1. Kaiti, I don’t think you should ever apologize for posting about your religious beliefs. First of all, this is your blog. It’s your opinion. The fact that you put it out there is good. Sometimes we’re afraid to say something for fear of disagreement, but that’s the beauty of the human mind. We can believe differently and coexist. The ability to put a topic out there, controversial or not, in your own words is wonderful.

    I’m christian as well and it can be hard to stick up for beliefs sometimes. Someone, somewhere, will always disagree with you. But I’m proud of you for taking that step and blogging about something important to you! It’s true, Be Not Ashamed! =)

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