To be an Open Book…

I use to believe I was an open book because I was surrounded by friends who shared the same beliefs and morals with me; I felt comfortable telling them my deepest secrets because I knew they would support me. But, is this really being an open book? Or is it just surrounding myself by people who will tell me what I want to hear; where is the intellectual learning and growing in that?

Last semester in a class I remember talking about the key factors in a substantial relationship, intellectual conversations being one of those factors. I found this very interesting because when I was younger I never considered having intelligent conversations as a big part of what my future husband should be. While never considering this, I managed to arrange it. Those are my favorite conversations that I have with my husband and my soul feeds off of them. I have become a better person because of this.

I think it is easy for us to fall into the pattern of surrounding ourselves by like-minded people because it is easy; it is comfortable and there are fewer chances for conflict. As humans we tend to avoid confrontation, but when it is here we meet it headstrong.

Sometimes, we can be so stuck in our own ways that we miss out on life-changing opportunities. It is important to be open to all things; be willing to listen and learn. Then search, ponder and pray. Seek out answers and follow what has been testified to you to be true.

Now, I still believe I am an open book, if someone asks me, I tell, but I am more careful about whom I voluntarily give my thoughts to.  Normally if I feel that the situation wont benefit from the conversation then I will just keep my thoughts to myself. Last night as I was reading my friend David’s blog for the first time I was in awe of his openness. It spoke to my soul, he did not just tell me who he was or about his everyday schedule but he showed me his inner thoughts. I have made a commitment to try to do this, to be an open book; to show my followers who I am.




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