Y’all or Ya’ll?

Today is not my day, I am a scatter-brained mess! (when I first posted this the title said, Y’all of Ya’ll?) Maybe it’s because tomorrow is my Friday and I’m kinda freaking out because of all the stuff I need to do but wont be able to? Yep, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! Also, I am only sharing these things with you because I am SO humble 😉


1. Misspelling words-ALL DAY- and having my friends put me on blast(I am grateful that my name was never mentioned)



2. Leaving the oven on (sadly that was is pretty common, Clayton always says I am going to burn down the house)

3. Slipping up on my SEO copy writing

4. Leaving my keys in the mail box

…need I say more? Thank God I have people in my life who love me any ways.

On a happy note, today was my first PRSSA meeting as president! Yes, you did read that right. Even though I am a total ditz I am now the new president over the Brigham Young University-Idaho PRSSA chapter! I am super excited and glad to have this opportunity, we have a strong board with great ideas and I know we can make our chapter better than it has ever been before.


This photo was taken at a societies fair last week.

Also, my hubby is adorable.


I’m off to Utah for the long weekend because our cousin is getting married, love is in the air! Also, Clayton’s mommy and sissy are in the west coast!



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