Week 2: Image Edit


1. Hay: 1/20/13; 4:32 pm; Idaho Falls; f 3.5; 1/125; Cannon T3i & tripod


2. Apartments: 1/20/13; 5:13 pm; Idaho Falls; f 22; .3 seconds; Cannon T3i & tripod

Wilshire Apts

Edited: Created black & white layer mask, placed on top of photo and reduced opacity.

Original 1. Fire Truck Original: 1/20/12; 2:33 pm; Ammon; f 29; 1/25; Cannon T3i & tripod

Firemen2. Fire Truck Edited: I adjusted the brightness and contrast levels for coloring, then adding two type boxes.

I found this old apartment complex in downtown Idaho Falls after taking some shots of the Snake River. The charm of this little complex lured me in. I almost didn’t even see the place at first, it really does complete the definition of, hole in the wall. I prefer the photo of the apartment without the texture blend. I feel that the photo has enough of a story to it already, it doesn’t need anything else incorporated into it.

I really enjoyed taking photos of this old fire truck. I wanted to incorporate the vintage feel of the truck with the quote. I looked up the year the fire services was founded and the fire men’s moto to create my quote.


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