Week 2: Photography

featherCherries PopShoppetruck

  1. Feather: Shallow: 1/20/13; 4:07 pm; Idaho Falls; f 5.6; 1/10; Cannon T3i & tripod
  2. Cherry: Shallow: 1/20/13; 5:39 pm; Idaho Falls; f 5.6; 1/400; Cannon T3i & tripod
  3. Pop Shoppe: Deep: 1/20/13; 2:16 pm; Rexburg, ID; f 22; 1/250;  Cannon T3i & tripod
  4. Fire Truck: Deep: 1/20/13; 3:47 pm; Ammon; f 29; 1/50; Cannon T3i & tripod

For my color study I didn’t pick my color first, I thought of what I could photograph. The first thing that came to my mind is this old 1920s fire truck in Ammon. My husband and I drive by it about once a week and I always think to myself how cool it is. So I finally took this assignment as my excuse to photograph it; giving me my color study of red. The last photo is from the truck, although it doesn’t show off how cool the truck really is. I edited each photo’s brightness and contrast adjustments to get the best coloring.


One thought on “Week 2: Photography

  1. I really like your color study. I especially like the tree. I think the picture is made really interesting by the use of a shallow depth of field and the focus being a little farther away from the camera, it keeps the eye bouncing around. Really solid pictures.

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