Week 3: Edit

Petrie 0731. Petrie: 1/25/13; 4:00 pm; BYU-I Tropical Greenhouse; f 4.2; 1/50; Nikon Coolpix L120

For the results of this photo I combined two. I loved the photo of the parrot, Petrie, but I didn’t love the background. I used the selection tool to cut Petrie out of the original background. I also feathered the edges to give a soft cut and adjusted the brightness and contrast to make his coloring pop more.

Petrie 046

2. Petrie’s new background: 1/25/13; 3:44 pm; BYU-I Tropical Greenhouse; f 5.8; 1/25; Nikon Coolpix L120

I then opened my background image and added a blur adjustment layer to the photo using the lens blur. When I brought the cutout of Petrie onto the background the lens blur made Petrie standout and become the focus of the photo.  Both photos brightness and contrast were edited.


Cocacolabefore Cocacola

2. Coca-Cola: 1/20/13; 2:47 pm; Rigby; f 36; 1/5; Cannon T3i and tripod

I wanted to bring out the vintage feel of this photo, but before I could do anything I needed to adjust coloring. In most cases auto tone probably wouldn’t have the best results but I knew I would be editing the majority of this photo so I kept it simple and stuck with it.  Before I started any editing I converted the image into a smart object by selecting the image layer then choosing smart object. After converting I selected the front of the building (with the selection tool) and added the poster edges filter. I also selected just the Coca-Cola sign and adjusted the brightness and contrast so that it would stand out more.


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