Week 3: Photography

Trees1. Winter Trees: 1/25/13; 4:17 pm; Rexburg; f 5.1; 1/400; Nikon Coolpix L120


2. Llamas: 1/20/13; 3:13 pm; Idaho Falls; f 36; 1/25; Cannon T3i and tripod

Paradise3. Paradise: 1/25/13; 3:43 pm; BYU-Idaho Tropical Greenhouse; f 4.5; 1/60; Nikon Coolpix L120


4.  Floral: 1/25/13; 3:17 pm; BYU-I Tropical Greenhouse; f 4.2; 1/40; Nikon Coolpix L120


5. Eat: 1/25/13; 4:13 pm; BYU-Idaho Tropical Greenhouse; f 5.1; 1/60; Nikon Coolpix L120

I had fun taking these photos and gained a new friend, Petrie (the parrot)! I feel like my strengths lay in taking photos of nature, but not necessarily animals. I hope to improve on taking photos of animals and people throughout this semester and as I continue taking photos. I’m glad that on campus we have the tropical greenhouse to give some variety to my photos this winter.

Try to stay warm!

photo (2)


One thought on “Week 3: Photography

  1. Love it! It is nice to see some “fauna” other than just cows! haha Great job Kaiti! Your shots look good. I really like the Winter Trees one. It looks well exposed and has a nice composition. And I love the llamas 🙂

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