Week 4: Edit




1. Winter Fence: 1/20/13; 2:31 pm; Idaho Falls; f 32; 180; Cannon T3i and Tripod

I edited this photo first in camera raw by adjusting: exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity and vibrance. I think what made the biggest difference was the clarity adjustment, I brought it down lower to make the “out of focus”  elements have a foggy look. Winter always makes me sort of sleepy and this foggy look reminds me just of that. After editing in camera raw I opened the file in Photoshop to crop it.


2. Home Sweet Home: 1/20/13; 5:44 pm; Idaho Falls; f 3.5; 1800

Again, I edited this photo in camera raw, adjusting the same things as listed above, except clarity. The biggest change on this photo are the edits I did in Photoshop. After editing in camera raw I opened the photo in Photoshop to remove some unwanted items. As you can see in the original photo on the bottom right there are a couple of orange poles and in the top center window there is a sticker for TotalCare IT. By using the lasso tool I selected those unwanted items and removed them simply by pressing shift F5.



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