Week 5: Edit





1. Portrait Enhancements: 2/10/12; 5:43 pm; Rexburg; f 3.1; 1/160; Nikon Coolpix L120

I edited the overall coloring of the photo by using the curves tool to take down the brightness of the photo. I then cropped the photo so that it would only be Clayton’s head and shoulders. I edited his eyes by using the color dodge brush tool on 20% opacity then I enhanced the pupils with the burn brush on 40% opacity. I also enhanced his facial hair by using the burn brush on 10-15% opacity. I also brighten his smile with the dodge brush tool on 15% opacity. Finally I removed a blemish from his left cheek and wrinkles from the forehead by using the spot healing brush tool.


2. Replace Color

To change the color of Clayton’s shirt I first used the eye dropper tool and selected my desired color (I choose my color from the brick in the background). Next I used the quick selection tool to select his sweater and lastly I used the color replacement tool to change the sweater from blue to burgundy.

take2 183








3. Color Match: 2/10/12; 12:34 pm; Rexburg Ally Way; f 9; 1/160; Nikon Coolpix L120 & tripod

I want to have this picture have the same coloring as the top so I did a color match, which is super easy! First open both photos, the one with the coloring you like and the one that needs coloring editing. Then select the one that needs color editing and go to image, adjustments, and color match. A box with editing options with open and at the bottom will be source, from there select the other photo with the correct coloring. The photo will change and then you can continue with any other edits you would like to make. I cropped the photo and lighten his jacket.


2 thoughts on “Week 5: Edit

  1. Wow, the color match made a dramatic difference! I liked your color choice for the replace color pic, it really jives with the scene and looks completely natural. My only critique for the first pic is that I think you need more distance between you and your subject, because the proportions of his face look slightly skewed. Next time you try a shot like this, zoom in as far as you can and back up a bit, it will make for a more flattering shot. Good work on these! I particularly liked your portrait post, the blur in the side composition pic is intense!

  2. Loved your portrait enhancement post! You made a really dull portrait pop out and look natural while doing it. The hair, the eyes, and the brick background detail are much more interesting now. I’m jealous of your color replacement because it looks like Clayton really did have a spare brown shirt to change into. For your color match photo, I can see the difference in the brightness and clarity of the portrait, but his face looks a little too saturated to me. Great job this week!

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