Week 6 Photography: HDR




blog before

BeforeblogHDRAfter- HDR Single Shot

1 2 3



After- 3 Shot HDR

1. Barn: 2/14/13; 2:12 pm; Bannack Ghost Town; f 5.6; 1/500; Cannon T3i

2. School House: 2/14/13; 1:43 pm; Bannack Ghost Town; f 6.3; 1/640; exposure .02, 1, 3; Cannon T3i & tripod

I used the photomatix program for these HDR shots. It is super simple to use, for the first photo since it was a single shot I just opened the picture and then used the tone mapping tool and chose the photographic filter. Then I opened the photo in Photoshop and straightened the photo. Then I selected the roof on the top left corner and did a content fill by selecting shift F5.

For the second HDR photo I opened the 3 bracketed photos and selected the painterly filter. No other edits were made to the photo.


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