Head Swapping Tutorial

So you took a great picture of one person but not the other…Time to perfect the art of swapping heads in Photoshop! As a photographer, especially if your focus will include people this is a skill that will improve your quality of work.

1. First open the good photo and then go to layer and select, ‘duplicate  layer’.

2. Then go to the photo that you would like to swap a good heads with the bad head. Using the lasso tool make a loose selection from the shoulders up, don’t worry about making the selection exactly around the persons head, it’s not a big deal.

3.  Once you have your selection use the move tool and grab the selection and drag it into the first photo.



4. Make the opacity of your selection about 50-60% that way it will be easier to line the head up. This is a crucial part, you will want to zoom in to make sure that things are lined up as much as possible.

match5. Start blending the backgrounds together by using the eraser tool on 50-70%

6. Use the spot healing brush tool for any major mishaps

7. Once your head is looking good you can then edit the rest of the photos such as red eye, etc.

finalWallah! You have become a master head swapper 🙂










2 thoughts on “Head Swapping Tutorial

    • Check out my video on head swapping! I did the family photo, but I switched Garrett’s head to save Clayton embarrassment also I couldn’t really find a normal one of him that would be swapping worthy hahaha.

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