Photo Contest

Today I participated in my first photo contest!

I used my favorite photos from this semester to enter my photo contests. So when I went to find contests I had specific needs in mind that would fit with my photos.

The website I found is called, Viewbug, they have tons of different photo contests to choose from! For someone who is serious about photography I would suggest they become involve with this program because there are many prizes that can be won. It will also increase your online presence in the photography industry.

These are my submissions and the following contests that I participated in:


It’s A Pets Life

1. Petrie: 1/25/13; 4:00 pm; BYU-I Tropical Greenhouse; f 4.2; 1/50; Nikon Coolpix L120

For the results of this photo I combined two. I loved the photo of the parrot, Petrie, but I didn’t love the background. I used the selection tool to cut Petrie out of the original background. I also feathered the edges to give a soft cut and adjusted the brightness and contrast to make his coloring pop more.

2. Petrie’s new background: 1/25/13; 3:44 pm; BYU-I Tropical Greenhouse; f 5.8; 1/25; Nikon Coolpix L120

I then opened my background image and added a blur adjustment layer to the photo using the lens blur. When I brought the cutout of Petrie onto the background the lens blur made Petrie standout and become the focus of the photo.  Both photos brightness and contrast were edited.




1. Damsel: 2/14/13; 2: 02 pm; Bannack Ghost Town, WY; f 5.6; 1/25; Cannon T3i

As you can see I played around with the coloring on this photo. There was natural light coming in on her right side from windows which cause some areas of white or lighter colors to be blown out, especially the lace on her dress. I used the selection tool to choose areas that were blown out and then I used the color burn tool to darken the area. I also put a slight blur on her background and used the color burn to bring out the coloring on the wood.



1. Reflection: 2/14/13; Bannack Ghost Town; f 5.6; 1/320; Cannon T3i

The first photo might be my favorite from the whole trip. There was one house that had wood that was peeling away, the contrast in coloring and texture was amazing. To bring out the coloring I changed the curves and then I used the dodge tool on the crack in the window.


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