The Show Must Go On!

On April 12th, 2013 Clayton, my older brother Garrett and I graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with our bachelor’s degrees. Such a bitter-sweet moment, for me at least. I was sad to leave my job, PRSSA and friends,  but it was time to move on.  My husband, Clayton  accepted a job as a  wireline engineer for Schlumberger and we were to relocate to Midland, TX where he would then have training for 2 weeks. Clayton’s start date wasn’t until May 20th though and if we wanted assistance with moving we needed to wait until our moving period. After graduation we decided to go to Virginia and spend time with family until we could move to Midland.

When we got to Virginia I began applying for jobs in Midland and had a phone interview for a marketing retail position that needed to be filled immediately. They wanted to meet me in person so we had to make the decision to either pack up, move to Midland on our own ticket and interview for the position or stay in Virginia and hope that the job wouldn’t be filled before we moved (ha!). Because we both felt that I would A) get the job and B) it would be filled if we didn’t go, we decided we needed to go. We weren’t in Virginia for even a week before we had to leave.

We got to Midland on a Tuesday and quickly learned that the housing situation is a seller’s market. There are currently more residents than there is housing because of the oil boom. Lucky for us we got an apartment we really like within 2 days (I’m pretty proud of that BTW)! That Wednesday I had my interview and heard back the same evening and was extended the offer for the job! It was exciting, as a new graduate to know that I could have a job, but I was torn. After my interview I spent some time with other’s in my position and I new it wasn’t for me. I was so scared to be fresh out of college and turning down an offer but knew I would be miserable if I didn’t. I also felt awful that we moved early, so I could take the job, but wasn’t going to. With a lot of support from my family, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that I couldn’t accept the offer and that it would be back to the drawing board.

As I’ve been having various interviews Schlumberger contacted Clayton and told us his training wouldn’t be 2 weeks, but 3 months in Houston. Then 5 days later, 2 of which were over the weekend, we’re told his training will now be 5 months and he is going to the Abu Dhabi, in the Middle East! As you could imagine this has been very difficult for us. Unfortunately I am not able to be with Clayton while he is training. I debated on going home for the 5 months so I wont be alone, because yes, I am scared to be living alone in a new town where the closest friends and family I have are thousands of miles away. We decided that I would stay until the end of May to find a job, if I found a job I would stay in Midland, if I didn’t I would go stay with my parents.

I’ve been interviewing for two main jobs, one is doing internal PR for a local dentist office and the other is doing HR and training for Community National Bank. I had two interviews for the PR job late last week and early this week, yesterday I had my interview for the HR position. After discussing the pros and cons for both I determined that the HR position would best fit my wants and needs.

After my interview yesterday for the HR position I felt that it went very well but wasn’t expecting to hear anything for a while because they said they had more interviews and wouldn’t get back to me until mid next week. About 30 mins after my interview I was contacted and extended the offer for the HR position! I was in such shock I almost didn’t know what to say, luckily I had already made the decision between the two so I knew in my gut to say yes! I still haven’t heard back about the PR position, but I am excited to say that I am a recent college graduate with a career that I know I will love!

I am excited to help the bank with their training program, right now they don’t have any thing set in place so I will get to help them establish it. Such a cool opportunity! I will also be learning a new program, Adobe Captivate, which is apparently like Power Point on steroids, haha. I met the main HR manager yesterday, and she was so sweet. She reminded me a little of one of Clayton’s grandmothers so I felt like there was a bit of home. I also met the main guy who is establishing the training program, I think he’ll be my main supervisor and we will work together a lot. He was very nice and knows what he is doing so I am excited to learn from him.

While the last month has been hectic, and I am going to miss Clayton very much while he is gone, I am so excited to start my career!


Unseen Photos from my Photobook



1. Panorama: 3/16/13; 2: 02 pm; Saint Anthony, ID; f 5.6; 1/125; Cannon T3i


2. Fine Art Template: 3/16/13; 1:53 pm; Saint Anthony, ID; f 5.6; 1/125; Cannon T3i



3. Past Photography: 12;29;13; 10:22 am; Carpenteria, CA; f 9; 1/200; Nikon Coolpix L120



3. Past Photography: 12;29;13; 9:34 am; Carpenteria, CA; f 10; 1/1000; Nikon Coolpix L120


Kaiti Time

Sometimes I wish I had more time to myself, but because school, work, and PRSSA keep me pretty busy I have to incorporate me time into my work. In my professional presentations class we are doing a Ted talk and I am doing mine on the importance of having passion in your work. I’m relating finding your passion to falling in love and using Carl and Ellie from Disney and Pixar’s UP to exemplify falling in love for those who haven’t had the experience.

My over-all PowerPoint theme is UP and let me just say I have put a lot more into this presentation than necessary, but it has been fun for me. It’s not every day that I get to sit down and design my own version on the UP house. This has been a relaxing project and just the right amount of me time I needed to stay sane throughout the rest of the semester.

Hope you enjoy my design as much as I have creating it, and remember to find you time where ever you can!

Stepping Stones

Just a quick note, but last Thursday I was asked by my managers to give a presentation on I~Comm for today (Tuesday) to the Madison Education Foundation. I was excited for the opportunity but overwhelmed because I had a class presentation yesterday, a pitch this Thursday and then I leave Friday for the PRSSA National Conference so I am trying to get all my school work in.

My assistant and I spent about 10 hours preparing for this meeting by getting direct quotes, making the power point, and of course practicing (not to mention the loss of sleep over stress). We finally gave it this morning at 7 a.m. – it was still dark out y’all! Everything went great and an hour and a half after our presentation the board of directors sent me an email saying that they wanted to hire I~Comm.

Things in life right now couldn’t get much better…It’s always nice to have your hard work pay off. Go check out our full presentation.


I know I’ve been gone for a while, and at this moment don’t any future posts in mind. Lately I have been working on my personal style, which I made a tumblr for. Check it out: 

Other than that If you’re missing me and really want me to blog or have an idea leave me a comment! 



Lately, as I’m sure most of you have noticed, I haven’t been keeping up with my blog. I got to thinking about why I have a blog and what I want to accomplish with it.

I started my blog because EVERYONE (teachers, professionals, mentors, fellow students…) told me I should be on every outlet available online. Put yourself out there, build your portfolio, and show your future employer what you’re capable of.

I guess in a way I am doing this. I write my about my job and school and my accomplishments there but I feel something is missing. I love reading blogs, but I don’t know if this whole blogging thing is for me. Maybe I’ll just make an online portfolio and keep it at that?

I would like your input though. I have had people tell me they enjoy my blog and I don’t want to stop cold turkey and leave them hangin’! So I have created this poll that I hope you will all take the time to answer on, and it’s anonymous so don’t be scared to tell the truth!

Cha-Cha-Cha Changes…

This was a last-minute decision but I am currently re-doing my blog. I will continue to blog about the same things, and hopefully add to the variety too! I just feel like my title doesn’t fit well with my blog and hope to create something that we can all enjoy. Thanks for being so great! If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know.