Week 6 Photography: Reverse Shallow Depth

House Fence1. House: 2/14/13; 12:03 pm; Bannack Ghost Town, WY; f 5; 1/4000; Cannon T3i & tripod

2. Fence: 2/14/13; 12:04 pm; Bannack Ghost Town, WY; f 5; 1/4000; Cannon T3i & tripod

I made very slight edits to these photos to bring out the blue in the sky and the coloring of the wood on the fence and in the bushes. The house coloring was just right so I left it alone. I made selections on the sky and the lower half of the photo, excluding the home. I used the burn tool between 8-12% when increasing the coloring.



Week 6 Photography: Action Freeze & Blur






BerforeBehind the Scenes


Blur1. Behind the Scenes: 2/14/13; 1:14 pm; Bannack Ghost Town, WY; f 22; 1/32; Cannon T31 & Tripod

2. Marry Go Round: 2/14/13; 1:27 pm; Bannack Ghost Town, WY; f 5; 1/1600; Cannon T3i

I didn’t do very much to the first photo. I just lightened it because the original was a little too dark than I prefer. When I lightened the photo I selected the whole image and then went and adjusted the brightness and contrast levels. The second photo I didn’t touch at all.

Week 6 Photography: Bannack Portraits













 1. Damsel: 2/14/13; 2: 02 pm; Bannack Ghost Town, WY; f 5.6; 1/25; Cannon T3i

2.  Damsel: 2/14/13; 2:05 pm; Bannack Ghost Town, WY; f 5.6; 1/32; Cannon T3i

3.  Genuine Character; 2/14/13; 2:11 pm; Bannack Ghost Town, WY; f 5.6; 1/200; Cannon T3i

As you can see between the first and second photo I played around with the coloring. There was natural light coming in on her right side from windows which cause some areas of white or lighter colors to be blown out, especially the lace on her dress. I used the selection tool to choose areas that were blown out and then I used the color burn tool to darken the area. I also put a slight blur on her background and used the color burn to bring out the coloring on the wood.

I love how the last photo turned out. The model had been in between poses when I caught this, I love how genuine his expression is. I wanted to bring out the coloring on this photo since there are so many rich colors. I again used the selection tool to highlight just the background and then used the color burn tool on 5-15%. Then I inveresed the selection and used the color burn on 5% on the cowboy. I also used the lasso tool to select the ring on the cowboys hand then did a content fill by selecting shift F5.

Week 5: Edit





1. Portrait Enhancements: 2/10/12; 5:43 pm; Rexburg; f 3.1; 1/160; Nikon Coolpix L120

I edited the overall coloring of the photo by using the curves tool to take down the brightness of the photo. I then cropped the photo so that it would only be Clayton’s head and shoulders. I edited his eyes by using the color dodge brush tool on 20% opacity then I enhanced the pupils with the burn brush on 40% opacity. I also enhanced his facial hair by using the burn brush on 10-15% opacity. I also brighten his smile with the dodge brush tool on 15% opacity. Finally I removed a blemish from his left cheek and wrinkles from the forehead by using the spot healing brush tool.


2. Replace Color

To change the color of Clayton’s shirt I first used the eye dropper tool and selected my desired color (I choose my color from the brick in the background). Next I used the quick selection tool to select his sweater and lastly I used the color replacement tool to change the sweater from blue to burgundy.

take2 183








3. Color Match: 2/10/12; 12:34 pm; Rexburg Ally Way; f 9; 1/160; Nikon Coolpix L120 & tripod

I want to have this picture have the same coloring as the top so I did a color match, which is super easy! First open both photos, the one with the coloring you like and the one that needs coloring editing. Then select the one that needs color editing and go to image, adjustments, and color match. A box with editing options with open and at the bottom will be source, from there select the other photo with the correct coloring. The photo will change and then you can continue with any other edits you would like to make. I cropped the photo and lighten his jacket.

Week 5: Photography

girl1. Side Composition: 2/7/12; 5:53 pm; BYUI Child Lab; f 3.8; 1/40; Nikon Coolpix L120

Clatyon2. Head shot: 2/10/12; 12:22 pm; Rexburg ally way; f 13; 1/125; Nikon Coolpix L120 & tripod

koda3. Body shot: 2/10/12 12:37 pm; Rexburg ally way; f 9; 1/200; Nikon Coolpix L120 & tripod


4. Candid Group: 2/7/12; 5:20 pm; BYUI Child Lab; f3.1; 1/125; Nikon Coolpix L120


5.Posed Group: 2/10/12; 12:44pm; Rexburg ally way; f 9; 1/200; Nikon Coolpix L120 & tripod


6. Environmental Individual: 2/5/12; 6:05 pm; Skeeter’s; f 4; 1/13; Nikon Coolpix L120

Week 4: Edit




1. Winter Fence: 1/20/13; 2:31 pm; Idaho Falls; f 32; 180; Cannon T3i and Tripod

I edited this photo first in camera raw by adjusting: exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity and vibrance. I think what made the biggest difference was the clarity adjustment, I brought it down lower to make the “out of focus”  elements have a foggy look. Winter always makes me sort of sleepy and this foggy look reminds me just of that. After editing in camera raw I opened the file in Photoshop to crop it.


2. Home Sweet Home: 1/20/13; 5:44 pm; Idaho Falls; f 3.5; 1800

Again, I edited this photo in camera raw, adjusting the same things as listed above, except clarity. The biggest change on this photo are the edits I did in Photoshop. After editing in camera raw I opened the photo in Photoshop to remove some unwanted items. As you can see in the original photo on the bottom right there are a couple of orange poles and in the top center window there is a sticker for TotalCare IT. By using the lasso tool I selected those unwanted items and removed them simply by pressing shift F5.


Week 4: Photography

6108Mountians1. Panoramic 1: Mountains: 2/3/13; 12:45 pm; Ririe; f 5.6; 1/800; Nikon Coolpix L120


2. Panoramic: Windmills: 2/3/13; 12:27 pm; Ririe; f 16; 1/250; Nikon Coolpix L120

974Farm3. Panoramic: Farm: 2/3/13; 12:55 pm; Ririe; f 11; 1/250; Nikon Coolpix L120

For this assignment I took three photos and blended them together using Photoshop’s photomerge option to create a panoramic. After merging the three photos into one panoramic I cropped the uneven edges. Then I played with the brightness and contrast to bring out the natural coloring. With the middle photo I changed it into a black and white photo. I thought it would be interesting to take a photo with 21st century engineered windmills and make it look like the photo was taken before color prints were around. Kind of time traveler-esk.

Week 1: Edit Redo



1. Bird Particle Cutout: 1/25/13; 4:05 pm; BYU-I Tropical Greenhouse; f 4.2; 1/125; Nikon Coolpix L120

For my first editing assignment I was suppose to do a particle cutout and a full cutout of two separate photos but I accidentally only did one, so I am redoing the part of the assignment I missed now. For this assignment I used the quick selection tool in Photoshop to select the portion of the image I wanted to keep. I then refined the image by adjusting the feathering, smoothing, etc. to make the selection less jagged.

Week 3: Edit

Petrie 0731. Petrie: 1/25/13; 4:00 pm; BYU-I Tropical Greenhouse; f 4.2; 1/50; Nikon Coolpix L120

For the results of this photo I combined two. I loved the photo of the parrot, Petrie, but I didn’t love the background. I used the selection tool to cut Petrie out of the original background. I also feathered the edges to give a soft cut and adjusted the brightness and contrast to make his coloring pop more.

Petrie 046

2. Petrie’s new background: 1/25/13; 3:44 pm; BYU-I Tropical Greenhouse; f 5.8; 1/25; Nikon Coolpix L120

I then opened my background image and added a blur adjustment layer to the photo using the lens blur. When I brought the cutout of Petrie onto the background the lens blur made Petrie standout and become the focus of the photo.  Both photos brightness and contrast were edited.


Cocacolabefore Cocacola

2. Coca-Cola: 1/20/13; 2:47 pm; Rigby; f 36; 1/5; Cannon T3i and tripod

I wanted to bring out the vintage feel of this photo, but before I could do anything I needed to adjust coloring. In most cases auto tone probably wouldn’t have the best results but I knew I would be editing the majority of this photo so I kept it simple and stuck with it.  Before I started any editing I converted the image into a smart object by selecting the image layer then choosing smart object. After converting I selected the front of the building (with the selection tool) and added the poster edges filter. I also selected just the Coca-Cola sign and adjusted the brightness and contrast so that it would stand out more.

Week 3: Photography

Trees1. Winter Trees: 1/25/13; 4:17 pm; Rexburg; f 5.1; 1/400; Nikon Coolpix L120


2. Llamas: 1/20/13; 3:13 pm; Idaho Falls; f 36; 1/25; Cannon T3i and tripod

Paradise3. Paradise: 1/25/13; 3:43 pm; BYU-Idaho Tropical Greenhouse; f 4.5; 1/60; Nikon Coolpix L120


4.  Floral: 1/25/13; 3:17 pm; BYU-I Tropical Greenhouse; f 4.2; 1/40; Nikon Coolpix L120


5. Eat: 1/25/13; 4:13 pm; BYU-Idaho Tropical Greenhouse; f 5.1; 1/60; Nikon Coolpix L120

I had fun taking these photos and gained a new friend, Petrie (the parrot)! I feel like my strengths lay in taking photos of nature, but not necessarily animals. I hope to improve on taking photos of animals and people throughout this semester and as I continue taking photos. I’m glad that on campus we have the tropical greenhouse to give some variety to my photos this winter.

Try to stay warm!

photo (2)